Kuching Travel - Lunch in Lundu

Due to it's popularity as a seafood destination, quite a number of seafood restaurants have sprung up in Lundu. However during our recent trip, many of the restaurants have either closed or are looking a bit run down. Which is sad.

One of the most popular seafood place in Lundu has got to be this corner coffeeshop in town - the Happy Seafood Centre. If you go a bit late, you probably wouldn't get a table. The seafood is really fresh, but the cooking is just OK. So stick with the simple dishes and let the natural sweetness of the seafood come through. Real seafood aficianados would go for the fish, they have quite a good variety here and the prices are reasonable.

The buttered prawn is unlike any other in Kuching. The "butter" is more like milk powder, dry bits of powdery stuff sprinklered around the prawns. The taste is good, but the powder makes it a bit dry.

The stir-fried squids with dried chili was really good - very fresh and the heat and saltiness just right.

The fried rice was quite mediocre.

The ubiquitous midin - this one is the same as most other restaurants. Still one of my family's favourites.

Sweet corn soup - more for the kids.

There are not many options for lunch in Lundu nowadays, which is unfortunate. Hopefully some enterprising restauranteurs would come in to liven up the place a little bit.


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