Kuching Travel - Palm Beach Resort at Sematan

About 20 min. drive from Lundu Town is Sematan Bazaar, a small seaside town near the Western tip of Borneo Island. Actually if you keep walking West along Sematan Beach, you will reach the Indonesian border eventually. I've never tried that, but seems like an adventure !

Sematan Bazaar itself only has a couple of rows of shophouses. It has remained that way since I could remember. People come here mostly for Sematan Beach, which is one of the longest stretch of sandy beach in Sarawak. It is also a popular outpost for visits to the Talang Talang Islands.

One of the newest resorts here is the Palm Beach Resort. It is a very nicely developed property, with regular rooms as well as chalets. The one thing they lack is a swimming pool, but I guess the beach makes up for it.

The resort is pretty well equipped. They have all kinds of leisure equipments for hire, and can also arrange boat trips to the Talang Talang Islands. There is a restaurant there which serves mostly local food, as well as buffet dinners for the guests at night. Dinners and breakfasts are included in the room rates, which is great as there are not many places to eat in Sematan, especially at night.

The main reception building.

The 2-storey block where the rooms are accommodated, and the chalets.

The restaurant.

A covered barbecue area.

The beach.

Palm Beach Resort is a great place for a short break from Kuching. The rooms are nice, there is plenty to do, and the endless Sematan Beach is a wonder to behold. Here's a link for more information. Palm Beach Resort at Sematan.


Nate-n-Annie said…
Looks nicer than Damai beach (at least Damai beach on the day we visited...) The rates at the resort don't look too bad. We'll have to check it out during jellyfish season...
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate and Annie.Yes,it is a very nice resort.Just have to beware of the sandflies. Bring lots ofinsect repellent !
Life Insurance said…
Great pics looks wonderful.
TahanCing said…
I remembered a mat saleh asking me n my sis(was 8yrs old then)..."Why is there nobody on this beautiful beach!!??"

Sematan beach just goes on and on and on....love it!!
This beach is beautiful and remain unspoilt! Love it!

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