Kuching Travel - The Retreat at Siar Beach

If you are looking for something a bit better then the Siar Beach Resort, you are in luck. Just a few steps down the beach is a brand new resort called The Retreat. It was developed by the Sarawak Bank Employees' Union (SBEU) as a training centre and retreat for their members, but is also operated as a resort for non-members. They have standard rooms as well as chalets. Though not as well-appointed as a 5-star resort, it is nicely done and great for a short break.

The main attraction has to be the swimming pool which is right in front of the main building. It is quite big and has a water cascade on one end. A large open lawn next to the beach provides generous space for outdoor activities. There is even a beach-side bar with a terrace facing the sea.

The swimming pool seems to be the main attraction here.

The large open ground next to the beach.

Rates at The Retreat are not exactly cheap, but since it's the best accommodation in Lundu you really don't have a choice if you want a nice place to stay. They are very popular on weekends and holidays so do book way ahead if you decide to join the holiday crowd. Otherwise go on weekdays when the rates are much cheaper. Here's a link to their Site: The Yes Union Retreat at Lundu


- Suzie - said…
Thanks for the hint of the other hip hotel in Beijing. Have not heard of it. Your comment is much appreciated !
Anonymous said…
Now m here at the retreat,agreed with all older post, menu got wine , ask them for a glass, sorry discontinued....blah

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