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"Lundu" and "Sematan". Two words which used to conjure up lots of excitement when I was a young boy. Before Damai Beach was developed, Lundu and Sematan were the only two places in Kuching where you could find accessible beaches. And going to the beach was a rare treat indeed.

I still remember the first time I went to Sematan Beach. I must have been around 10. I was so excited that I decided to sleep on the beach under the stars, even though there was a perfectly good lodging for us. The next morning I woke up with hundreds of sand fly bites all over. They were nasty ! Took more then a week to heal.

Lundu is about 70 km from Kuching. The road to Lundu is very good - though the journey is long, the drive is very pleasant. It takes around 1 1/2 hour to reach Lundu town. From there it is another 10 km to the 2 beaches - Siar Beach and Pandan Beach.

Siar Beach is more popular as it is more accessible. There are several resorts there now which fits all kinds of budget. The beach itself is just OK. The sand is more light brown then white, and the beach has a very gentle slope towards the sea. During low tide, the sea is quite far out. We can't complain as these are already the best beaches in Sarawak.

Sematan Beach is another 20 km from Lundu Town. Driving time is around 20 mins, and again the road is very good. Sematan Beach is probably the longest beach in Sarawak. Many years back I tried walking along the beach for almost half a day, and still couldn't reach the end ! From here you can see the Talang Talang Islands which have been gazetted as turtle sanctuaries. There are also corals around the islands so they are a popular local diving spot.

Sematan Beach stretches as far as your eyes can see.

The beach here also slopes very gently to the sea.

You can see the Talang Talang Islands in the distance.


Unknown said…
can you buy land to build a house down there on the beach
Borneoboy said…
Hi Ash, yes you can. But land in Sarawak can only be bought by Malaysians - and there are also some restrictions depending on the title conditions.

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