Eating in Kuching - Dinner at Sheraton Four Points

By chance I was invited for dinner again at Sheraton Four Points, and had the opportunity to try out their banquet food. Hotel banquet food in Kuching generally leave a lot to be desired, so my expectations were not very high.

As this was a birthday dinner, the first dish was fried noodles. This one had a small twist of having deep fried whole eggs as garnish - a first in Kuching. The noodle was quite tasty, and the eggs gave it that extra edge.

The cold appetizer was a bit of a disappointment. It only had 3 items, and pretty common ones at that. Marinated baby octopus (the red stuff) have become overused lately.

This soup looks quite ordinary, but is actually quite tasty. Evidence of a good stock, or maybe stock powder ?

The herbal chicken was unusually served in an open bowl and not in a parcel. The chicken was a bit dry and bland.

Deep fried fish with a spicy sauce. I liked the generous garnishing - lots of slice onions, spring onion and chili. The sauce was pretty good too - Thai style so salty, sweet and sour.

Braised tomato prawns sprinkled with sesame seeds. Quite ordinary.

Steamed Chinese cabbage with a dried scallop sauce. I have always liked this dish, as the steamed cabbage becomes soft and silky, and absorbs all the flavour of the sauce. Nice.

Desert was iced longan with almond jelly. A common desert in local Chinese restaurants, but a nice refreshing end to a rich dinner.

The banquet food at Four Points was about the same standard as other 5 star hotels around town. The dishes were quite standard, no stand outs here. There were a couple of good ones like the fish, the noodles and the steamed cabbage. On the whole - a pass, but no distinction.


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