From Across Thousands of Miles - Bloggers Meet !

When I received an email from Kong Kay the popular Kuching food blogger about meeting up with Nate and Annie from House of Annie, I was really excited, and curious. I have visited their blog before, and know they are from the States. What are they doing in Kuching ? Of course I accepted the invitation immediately !

Kong Kay hosted the dinner at My Restaurant last Sunday. I arrived there around 7.00 p.m., and dinner had just started. Kong Kay ordered a huge feast, unfortunately I already had dinner. Having never met Kong Kay before except reading his blog, I was pleased to find out that he was a friendly chap with a good sense of humour. It turns out that his wife knew my wife. Kuching really is a small place.

I also found out that Annie is actually Malaysian, but had been living in the States for more then 10 years. Nate is Hawaiian Chinese. They are married with two beautiful kids - a boy and a girl. They will be staying in Kuching for around 2 years. I am sure they will have lots of great adventures here, and hope that all the other food bloggers in Kuching would show them a bit of our famous Kuching hospitality.

On Wednesday I hosted a lunch at Mr. Ho's Fine Foods - another porky place - for Nate and Annie. Unfortunately Kong Kay couldn't make it. I also invited famous Kuching blogger Irene Law and she actually came ! Good to finally meet her in person.

Read about Nate & Annie's post on the Meetup here Kuching Food Blogger Meetup and Irene's post here Mini Foodbuzzers Meetup.

Here's our pic at Mr. Ho courtesy of Nate by way of Irene Law. From left - Annie, Irene, moi and Nate.


Irene said…
Hahaha... Everyone reacted the same way. What are they doing here?!?! It's indeed a surprise, how small this world can be with the Internet? Thanks for the lunch again :)
Borneoboy said…
Hi Irene. My pleasure. I guess the Blogs managed to make the world a bit smaller and got us together. Hurray to the Blogs !
Nate-n-Annie said…
Thanks for hosting such a great lunch at Mr Ho's! We hope to meet up with other food bloggers during our stay here.

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