Kuching Hidden Gems - Sculptures at Reservoir Park

A few years ago, there was supposed to be an International Sculptors Festival in Kuching. Somehow the organizers got into some problem, and the festival didn't materialize. However, many of the sculptors who were invited were already in Kuching, and some of them decided to get on with what they were planning to do anyway. As a result, Kuching ended up with quite a number of sculptures here and there which few people actually notice. Some of them are at the Reservoir Park. I have no idea who the sculptors were, but they left some captiviting artifacts which are a great gift to Kuching.

One of the most striking of these group of sculptures is the "stone rhinocerous". 

A Mayan ship ?

This one looks a bit like the wing of a hornbill. The tip is in "belian", a local hardwood. 

A stone castle with gun turrets ?

A group of "face scultures" which I find very fascinating.


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