Eating in Kuching - Dinner at Ten Ichi Japanese Restaurant

There are not that many Japanese restaurants in Kuching, and Ten Ichi is one of the oldest around and still one of the most popular. I guess the reason is you can always count on the food to be of a reasonable quality, and the pricing is quite reasonable. It's part of the Lok Thian restaurant empire which includes several Chinese, Thai and Asian restaurants.

The decor of the restaurant is simple, but people come here mainly for the food. I ordered the Shokado Bento, which came with grilled salmon, unagi and some side dishes. It was really good, the salmon cooked just right, and the side dishes providing different textures and flavours. I especially liked the tofu with minced pork which was light and flavourful.

My wife had the Tenderloin Beef Course which came with grilled beef cultlets, vegetables and miso soup. The beef was good, but the vegies were a bit bland and not too well presented. For the cost you would expect a bit more effort on the presentation and ingredients.
We ordered garlic fried rice which is always a hit with the kids, and a Torirotsuyaki which is deepfried chicken in teriyaki sauce. It was quite tasty and the kids liked it. The potato salad on the side was also very good - cold and refreshing which complemented the meat well.
For dessert we ordered Tempura Ice Cream. Good, but nothing special.

All in all Ten Ichi is a great place to satisfy your craving for Japanese food, and they also have a full selection of sashimi and sushi. Recommended. 


Pegs said…
I wonder if their Okonomiyaki is still as good ...
Borneoboy said…
Hi Pegs. I didn't try that but I find the food usually quite consistant here.

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