Eating in Kuching - Breakfast at Bella's Cafe

Bella's Cafe is a modern cafe in Padungan Road that has been around for a couple of years. Occupying an old corner shophouse, the decor is nice and simple. It serves a mix of Western and Asian dishes. I've been there a few times mainly because of the convenient location and nice relaxed ambience. However the food usually fail to satisfy, which is a pity. One great thing is Bella's serves very good Coffex coffee. 

For a recent visit I ordered a beef noodle and popiah. The beef was okay, but a bit too salty and lack the "beefy" or umami taste thats should be the hallmark of a good beef noodle. What was more disappointing was the noodles - it was overcooked and soggy, a big no-no in noodleland.

The popiah was much better. The filling was quite tasty and had bits of prawns in the mix which made a big difference. The skin was made in-house - it had the texture of a crepe which is softer then the typical popiah skin which can be dry and chewy. 

The view of the shop from Padungan Road.

From inside you can sit and watch the idyllic happenings on the street.

The nice Coffex coffee.

Bella's Cafe is a nice place in a nice location. It's a pity that the food doesn't live up to the potential of the place. I really hope that the management can get the food sorted out so Kuching gets another nice place to hang out.


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