Kota Kinabalu From Higher Up

I was looking for a higher vantage point to take some pictures of KK Town Centre, and chanced upon a private timber staircase up the slope of Signal Hill. It is located behind Hotel Shangrila-La. The steps are part of a private garden which is fenced off, but the gate is not locked. It looked like it has been abandoned and is in disrepair.

Part of the steps are in very bad shape and look like they are about to collapse any time. There are several signs warning visitors to "Climb At Your Own Risk", and I would strongly advise anyone going to take the sign seriously. 

I managed to climb to the top of the stairs with no major mishap, though some of the steps couldn't take my weight and collapsed. Please be very careful should you decide to try this.

Once you are up there, you are rewarded with nice views of KK Town Centre. It was worth it !

The Hotel Shangri-La at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

The rickety steps up the slope.

Views from the top.


Asian Traveler said…
Nice view from the top. However, the long stairs looks very steep and narrow. There's also a post that says "climb at your own risk". Is it really safe to climb there?

By the way, please change my site from The Asian Traveler to An Asian Traveler. I lost my custom domain. I have now my new web address http://www.anasiantraveler.com . I’m still in the process of modifying my blog. Thank you.
Borneoboy said…
Hi. As I mentioned in the post, it is a bit generous and those visiting should proceed with extreme caution ! I have changed your link as requested. : )
Borneo Falcon said…
The stairs look scary but I'm a daredevil :)

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