Eating in Kuching - Breakfast at Fresh Food Court

Fresh Food Court is located at the 7th Mile Bazaar, a small town centre outside of Kuching City. It is very popular and usually packed at breakfast time. There is quite a large population in the surrounding area, and even people from Kuching City come all the way here for the food.

The most popular item here is the Kolon Mee - dried noodles. They serve the traditional version here with char siu and minced pork. The noodle is cooked just right and the flavour is nice and simple, augmented with a generous amount of lard. 

The char siu and Chinese sausages here are also very good - one of the best in Kuching. The char siu taste is very intense, and the meat tender. The sausages are quite special, with the right combination of lean meat, fat, liver and seasoned to perfection.

Another item to try here is the "Kong Pia" - a Foochow baked bun which is deepfried before serving and stuffed with minced pork cooked in soy sauce. The taste of the Kong Pia is a bit like the bagel, with a chewy doughy texture. You can also eat it plain, or stuffed with char siu or sausages.


TzeKhin said…
try ordering "teh-c peng (iced milk tea) special" at this Fresh Food Court. =) it's the best iced milk tea in kuching to me.. =)

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