Kota Kinabalu New Airport

Kota Kinabalu is getting a new airport, and it's a good one. Unlike Sarawak where most of the airports look like carbon copies, this is an original design which mimics the aerodynamic forms of aircrafts. The new wing is built right next to the old airport, and the old airport is also being renovated at the moment. When completed the size would be more then doubled. 

Landing at the KK Airport is always an exciting experience, as it is right next to the sea. The moment you step into KK you can feel the resort atmosphere. It's probably due to the proximity of the sea, and there is also something in the air.

The old airport building being renovated.

The aerodynamic forms are carried through to the entrance canopy and interiors.

The new airport definitely offers a much better experience when travelling to KK.


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