Kuching Hidden Gems - Reservoir Park

Kuching Reservoir Park is right in the city centre, within walking distance from the Kuching Waterfront. It is very popular with joggers and strollers in the evenings - there are usually quite a number of people there when the weather is good. It used to be the fresh water reservoir for Kuching town and the park was developed around it. My parents had their wedding photos taken here, and the Japanese Bridge crossing the main lake is one of the truly iconic structures in Kuching. This park definitely holds a sentimental value for many people as it used to be the main dating ground in Kuching, and probably still is !

Being right in the city centre, it is quite surprising to find a place with so many tall and mature trees. The trees here could be some of the oldest in Kuching, as they seem to have been there forever.

This is a great place for exercise as the trees provide plenty of shade and the tracks give you a choice of either an easy run around the lakes, or a more strenously trek on the hilly slopes . There is also a nice playground for the kids.

The hilly tracks are great for exercise.

The iconic Japanese Bridge where many wedding photographs were taken.

The lakes are also a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts as they are well stocked with tilapia and sultan fish. On this day one of the regular anglers caught a huge sultan fish. He was really ecstatic with his catch !


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