Eating in Kuching - Breakfast at Swee Sen Cafe 10th Mile Bazaar

One of the best "kolon mee" or dry noodles in Kuching is at a coffeeshop in 10th Mile Bazaar. This place is really popular and it can be difficult to get a table on a busy morning. Unlike other coffeeshops which tend to have many stalls, this place really has only one stall serving the popular "kolon mee". 

You can order the typical "kolon mee" which is dry noodles tossed in oil, fried shallots  and other ingredients. The best way to enjoy the noodles here is to order the "mee kosong" or plain noodles without the ingredients, and a bowl of the fresh seafood soup. The noodles are cooked just right - al dente with the full flavour of the seasoning and oil. The seafood soup comes with super fresh and large prawns, fish balls and wantons. The taste of the soup is really sweet and fresh. 

View of the coffeeshop from the road.

The busy noodleman with all his ingredients at hand.

A view of the 10th Mile Bazaar.

Although not cheap by coffeeshop standards, the noodle and soup here is worth every cent and should not be missed if you are a noodle-lover.


Nate-n-Annie said…
How do you get to the 10th mile bazaar? Is it on the main drag?

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