Eating in Kuching - Mysterious Dinner Menu

In keeping with the theme for BTS Gala Dinner - "Mysterious", we asked the hotel to come up with an interesting menu. The hotel stepped up to the task and did a great job. 

Is this a giant Meat Pie ?

It's actually the cold appetizer.

Pumpkin Soup, anyone ?

It was a Mushroom Soup instead.

A giant Curry Puff ?

It's actually roast chicken.

What's this. A plate of deepfried tang hung ?

The garlic prawns were hidden inside. The prawns were really good !

This looks like the typical Beggar's Chicken.

It was actually glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. In fact this was the most successful dish of the lot. The rice had a perfect texture and seasoning was just right.

Dessert time. Would you dare to eat this ?

Kudos to the chef at Riverside Majestice Kuching who stepped up to the challenge. We will come up with something even more radical next time !


Cindy said…
All dishes shown can be named "Giant ...." :-)
Borneoboy said…
Hi Cindy. U r right ! It was fun getting the guests to guess what they were getting.
Pegs said…
the dessert was memorable ... if I didn't have to look at it before I had to eat it, I would have finished it. :P

would love to have the group photo we took, CW. And it was a great dinner all in all ... enjoyed the 'pageant' the best ...

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