My brother from Singapore gave me a block of dark chocolate recently. It was from a Spanish specialty chocolatier called Chocolat Factory. The packing is very unique and modern - looking more like an art box then chocolate. Once you open it up, the chocolate is wrapped in a nice grease-proof paper, and the chocolate block had a "bite" which is part of the brand image. The small bite you see at the corner is a real bite - I couldn't wait to try before taking the pic.

The taste of the chocolate is really intense - like 10 blocks of chocolate had been condensed into one. It also had floral notes which are quite unique. I guess this is the "terroir" which people have been talking about in artisanal chocolate - like in wine where you can taste the different regions where the grapes are grown.

I can never claim to be able to differentiate between different "terroir". All I can tell is whether something is bad, good or great ! I can honestly say that the chocolate from Chocolat Factory is great, and can't wait to try their different products. They have a shop at the new Changi Airport. 


traveler said…'s seemed so...YUMMY!! lucky you!!
Borneoboy said…
It is very yummy, but you can't each too much in one go due to the intensity of the flavour. I still have about half a block !
Pegs said…
It looks very delicious!! wish I could have a bite! *slurp*
Borneoboy said…
Hi Pegs. I'll get some for you next time I'm in Singapore. If you are a chocolate lover, you'll definitely love this.
Pegs said…
CW! That's so great!!! Thank you very much!!!

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