Kuching Ramadan Market - Part 2

Another essential item at the market is the "kueh",  or cakes. These provide the required calories to last through the day.

The Malays make a large variety of cakes. The choice is endless, as you will see.

The white-coloured wedges in front are tapioca cooked in a sugar syrup and sprinkled with grated coconut. The green round balls are called "onde onde" - the skin is made of glutinous rice flour, and the filling is grated cononut sweetened with Gula Melaka (palm sugar). The green rolls you see in the foreground are called "Kueh Dadar", pancake rolls with a grated coconut and Gula Melaka filling.

One of my favourite Malay kueh is the "Apong Balik", a pancake fold-over with peanut, butter and sugar filling. The pancake is soft, spongy and slightly crunchy at the edges.

A generous dollop of butter (actually margarine) is necessary to provide the sinfully good taste.


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