Kuala Lumpur Ramadan Bazaar - New Clothes

In the old days, when time wasn't so nice and easy, children would get new clothes maybe once a year, usually during New Year. Nowadays in this materialistic and disposable era that we are in, clothes are just another disposable item. However, the tradition of getting new clothes for New Year hasn't changed. 

One of the many fabric and clothing stalls at the Bazaar.

Scarfs and headdress come in a myriad of colours.

During Raya, the ladies like to wear traditional dresses. These are "Baju Kurung', a traditional Malay dress from the state of Pahang. It has now become popular throughout Malaysia even with ladies from other communities. It is easy to see why, as the shape of the dress is very flattering to the figure.

This is a more high fashion Baju Kurung, with intricate embroideries to add more elegance to the dress.

During Raya, the men will also put on their traditional wear. This is called a "Baju Melayu". It is worn with a "Kain Songket" around the waist. The Kain Songket is traditionally hand-woven, and the expensive ones would have gold or silver threads.

The Kain Songket or Sarung come in many colours and patterns to match the colour of the outfit.

This is a Baju Kebaya, a more fashionable traditional dress for the ladies.

More intricate embroideries.


Tastes of Home said…
Oh I love your pictures of KL! I miss KL a lot sometimes..and I have some traditional malay dresses too though I'm Chinese, they are made in so many different materials and are so pretty and elegant, my favourite is still the kebaya though
Borneoboy said…
Hi Tastes of Home. I've visited your blog. It's good to see you are keeping the Malaysian traditions alive thousands of miles away.

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