Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Seafood Noodles

After all that rich and expensive food, sometimes you long for something simple. Seafood noodles is something which most people like, and the KL version is a bit different from other places. Here, the noodles are served in a seafood broth with ingredients such as prawns, fish, squid and clams.

You can choose the clear version or the spicy version. I prefer the clear version, as the taste of the seafood is not masked by the spiciness. When it is done well, the clean sweat taste of the broth is very satisfying. The freshness of the ingredients is of course paramount.

All the bloggers out there, if you have a favourite seafood noodle place please let me know as I would like to check them out.


Pegs said…
where is this exactly? the houses across the road looks like those at paramount garden!

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