Eating In Kuala Lumpur - Lunch at Betty's Kitchen

Cap Square is one of the new Shopping Centres in Kuala Lumpur. As in most KL shopping centres, food and beverage outlets are an important component of the tenant mix. Being fairly new, not all the lots are taken up yet, but there are several interesting food places here. I decided to try out one of them for lunch. 

The outlet is called Betty's Kitchen. It's one of those modern Malaysian Cafes that seem to pop up like mushrooms everywhere. It serves basic Malaysian hawker fare, but in an upscale setting. The interior is nice and modern.

I ordered the assam laksa - one of my favourites, wanton two ways, and iced coffee. Assam laksa is a Penang specialty. It is noodles in a savoury sour soup. The soup is make from fish stock, and is usually tickened with shredded sardine. In this case, the sardine was left in chunks. The laksa was okay, not the best I had. What was missing was the usual garnish of bunga kantang - ginger torch flower which gives this dish it's unique fragrance.

The wanton soup was not so good, as the soup seemed to have been made from chicken powder, and the wantons were not very fresh. The deep-fried wantons were a bit better. 

I think this outlet is still finding it's footing. Will check back in a few months to see if they have improved.


Anonymous said…
Hey, you are wrong...all Betty's kitchen soup are made from the original ingredients. i have been into their kitchen. it proved to be true.


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