Ho Chi Minh City - Architectural Gems Part II

One of the must see attractions in HCMC is the Re-Unification Palace. Built in the 60s as the official residence of the President of South Vietnam, it was stormed by North Vietnamese tanks in 1975. The tanks remain as monuments to the Communist victory inside the gates.

Today, the Palace is a museum opened to the public. Designed by Russian architects, the external elevation is somewhat Modernist, with a clean and rectilinear design. The interiors are surprisingly bright and airy, with tall operable glass partitions and long external corridors providing the main circulation through the building. Under the building are secret rooms and tunnels for military operations. 

One of the 2 tanks which still remain inside the gates.

The Park Hyatt Saigon is one of the poshest hotels in HCMC. 

New buildings around the city. These are mainly commercial developments in pseudo-Post Modern style which is popular in many Asian cities.

Some other interesting buildings around the city. A melange of Art Deco, Classical and eclecticism.


buildings in this entry are mostly painted in somewhat white-beige-cream paint. any significance? or just?
Borneoboy said…
When I took the pictures, the sky was a bit overcast, which tedn to wash out the coulors. Anyway, white and beige are usually the most popular colours for buildings in many cities. If you look carefully, the Rex Hotel is actually a light purple.
Ho Chi Minh City is the big tourism center in Vietnam which is very beautiful and attractive place and you can see lot of fun over there.

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