Ho Chi Minh City - Markets

Most of the markets in HCMC caters to locals as well as tourists. Besides the usual daily staples, you will also find souvenirs, clothing and knick-knacks. 

One of the biggest markets in HCMC is the Ben Thanh Market. This market is really huge, and you can find almost anything you want under one roof. I recommend you check out the stalls selling Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese coffee has a unique taste which is different to the normal Italian expresso. One thing you must try is the Cafe Sua Da - which is Vietnamese iced coffee sweetened with condensed milk. 

Another delicacy to try is dried beef - kind of like beef jerky, but much chewier. These are usually flavoured with a lot of spices. There are 2 types - sliced beef and beef cubes. The cubes are more tender, but I like the slices for the chewy texture. 

In the middle of Ben Thanh Market is a courtyard which offers a much needed escape from the crowded and stuffy stalls inside. There is even a memorial shrine to one of the main sponsors of the market.

A shop selling special elixirs - made with herbs and geckos or snakes.

The neighbourhood markets are mainly makeshift stalls serving the local community.


Pegs said…
did you try any of those elixir to test its potency? hihi
Borneoboy said…
No. I was worried about getting too much potency, it would kill me !

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