Eating in Mukah - Lunch

Being a coastal town, seafood is naturally quite abundant here. As it's a small place, there are only a few good food outlets around. JS Seafood Restaurant is one of the popular local joints. 

This is "umai", raw slices of fish served with a spicy sweet-and-sour dipping sauce. It's the local version of shashimi. The fish is really fresh and not fishy at all. Very nice.

Deepfried squid in batter with a mayonaise sauce. The batter is crunchy, the squid still tender, but the sauce was a bit too sweet and lacked depth of flavour. The sauce was most likely store-bought. It would have been great with a freshly made honey-mustard mayonaise !

Midin stir-fried with garlic. Midin is a local fern native to Sarawak. It has a crunchy texture but not much taste of it's own, so it takes on the taste of whatever sauce it's cooked with. This is a very popular dish which is ordered at almost every meal at a seafood restaurant.

Fishhead curry. A popular way of using the normally undervalued part of the fish. The texture of the meat is interesting. The curry sauce is great with rice.

Egg omelet with prawns. A simple dish, elevated by the very fresh prawns.

Stir-fried venison with black pepper sauce. The meat was gamy and tender. The pepper sauce gives it a nice heat and flavour.


Asian Traveler said…
I'd like to try that deep fried squid in batter minus the mayonnaise and the stir-fried venison. It looks yummy. :)
foodhoe said…
Yeah that deep fried squid looks like it is buried! Is that venison local? Looks like a delicious and interest meal.
Borneoboy said…
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Borneoboy said…
The venison is reared locally. All the ingredients are local, actually.

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