Eating in Kuala Lumpur - Senses at Hilton KL

Senses is a fine dining restaurant inside Hilton KL. It is an off-shoot of The Grange in Adelaide Hilton, where Malaysian-born Cheong Liew has been the Chef for over 10 years. He is recognised as one of the top chefs in Australia. Cheong Liew was the consultant for Senses KL and designed the menu for the restaurant.

I ordered Cheong Liew's signature dish - Four Dances of the Sea as the appetizer. For soup I had the capuccino of mushroom with truffle oil. Main course was the black cod with miso glaze.

The soup was not so memorable. When the Four Dances of the Sea arrived, I was frankly a bit disappointed. The presentation was not what I had expected. The taste - however, was great. Each of the four small bites presented a different taste of the sea.

The main course presentation was also a bit ordinary. The black cod - topped with slices of squid, was set on a bed of wilted greens. The cod was done to perfection. Sweet and melt in the mouth. The nuttiness and slight bitterness of the greens complimented the sweetness of the fish really well. Don't know what the squid was doing there, but I guess they help to spike up the interest of the dish a little bit.

Senses was not the sensational experience that I expected - but the food was still good, until you get the bill. This is definitely not the cheapest place in KL.


Yummy!! never say no to good food
Anonymous said…
Somehow, I get the feeling that the quality wasn't quite what you'd expect for the price. At this kind of restaurant, presenting the food nicely is the least you'd expect...
Anonymous said…
OMGosh, I am flabbergasted, that dish looks absolutely nothing like the original 'Four Dances of the Sea'! I've eaten that dish several times, and it's absolutely amazing, and looks more like this:

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