Kuala Lumpur Ramadan Bazaar - Raya Goodies

The Malays, Chinese, Indian and many other communities in Malaysia share a common custom of hosting Open House during their New Year. The Open House is normally held on the first and second day of New Year, though some will even gladly receive guests for up to a week. 

Open House is a way for people to share the joy and well wishes of the season. It is also a time to visit family, friends and relatives. Even strangers will not be turned away. Everyone puts in an extra effort to make their homes look nice and welcoming. Also, a lot of attention is put into the food which is served to the guests.

In the old days, most of the food would have been homemade. Nowadays, with most people busy at work, it is more common to buy most of the items. Which is why before the New Year, lots of goodies are on sale at all the shops, supermarkets and bazaars to prepare for the occassion.

These are various types of chips which are served as snacks during Raya.

Deep-fried snacks known as "muruku" which are very popular even during normal times.

Different types of snacks. The small sticks are mini-springrolls which are deepfried. The filling is usually sambal or meat floss.

Meat floss are a popular item served during Raya. They are made from either beef or chicken. 

One of the must-have items for Raya is this sweet called "dodol". They are a bit like soft toffee, usually flavoured with durian, gula melaka or pandan.


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