Eating in Mukah - Dinner

Mukah is still an important sago producing area in Sarawak, and one of the local delicacies is the sago worm. This is normally deep-fried and eaten as a snack. The skin is a bit crunchy and chewy, inside it's soft with a tooth paste-like texture. The taste is a bit nutty, not very particularly distinctive in my opinion. It's worth a try.

We had dinner at a popular local restaurant run by 2 sisters. I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but the food was really good. Had the usual crabs, prawns, deep-fried squid, etc. What really stood out was the fresh water prawn soup. Slightly tangy because of the tomato, it was really tasty.

Fried chicken with a hot and sour dressing.

The ubiquitous deep-fried squid. Thankfully the chef was more restrained with the mayonnaise sauce. It's good on it's own.

This was steamed tofu with minced chicken and Chinese cabbage. It was a bit bland. Would have been nice with a bit of salted fish.

Finally came the crab with sweet and sour sauce. These were sand crabs, not the mud crabs which I like. Still, the freshness of the crabs made up for it.


foodhoe said…
Borneoboy, while I'm not so sure about those worms (not a big fan of food that has the consistency of toothpaste), the rest of the meal looks fantastic. That seafood look super fresh too.
Borneoboy said…
Hi food hoe. The worms are not so bad, though not really great either. The food was delicious.

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