Kuala Lumpur Ramadan Bazaar - Raya Cookies

No Raya would be complete without the cookies. These are so popular that they sometimes run out if you don't order or buy them early. Served in every home that you visit, there are probably hundreds of different types of cookies being made, and every year new varieties are invented. At this market alone, the choice is endless.

One of the many stalls selling Raya cookies.

The look of the cookies is sometimes more important then the taste.

Just take one of each type and you'll end up with 20 or 30 containers of cookies !


danialchow said…
Ramadan is really a nice time to visit Malaysia if you are a food lover. In the evening there are so many bazaars and now with Air Asia and the opening of so many Budget hotels like the prescott inn kl tune hotels and many more, this is the best time to visit Malaysia.

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