Siem Reap - Tonle Sap Lake 2

Some more pictures from Tonle Sap.

Just looking at how simply the community here lives, makes one wonders whether all the trappings of modernity are necessary. Does it make us more or less happy ? And how long will it all last ?

The simple life here also can't escape globalization. The advent of tourism brings with it the desire for change and pressure on the delicate ecosystem. The question of sustainability.

It's not easy being a traveller these days !

This is a school.


Tonle Sap: Interesting, men made lake during 'kerajaan agraria'giving 'life' to people back then. It was the main source of water supply during dry season, source of protein, good grounds for agriculture, transportation and what else..well, in case you dont know yet borneoboy, i'm a school teacher, teaching History, Tamadun Dunia and Tonle Sap is in it..hehehe..
Btw, that's a school? i cant even begin to imagine..The condition is heartbreaking!
Borneoboy said…
Hey. Thanks for the lesson. I did do some search on Wiki. There's lots of interesting info on Tonle Sap.
Borneoboy said…
Ya. That's a school. And the hospitals are also about the same. I guess the good thing is they can always move when they get tired of the scenery !

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