Kota Kinabalu - Sutera Harbour

From Siem Reap we return to Malaysia. I was in Kota Kinabalu recently to attend an annual dinner. It was a short overnight trip. The host generously put me up at the Pacific Sutera Resort - one of the top resorts in KK.

Pacific Sutera is located within the Sutera Harbour development which is right next to Kota Kinabalu City. It is very near the airport - about 10 minutes by taxi. There are two hotels here - the Pacific Sutera which is more of a business class hotel, and the Magellan Sutera which is a tropical style resort. In between the 2 resorts is a marina and yatch club. There is also a golf course within the whole complex.

This is truly a destination resort - you can come here and spend a few days without having to go anywhere else. It is very popular with Japanese and Korean tourists who come here for the sun and golf. For them it is cheaper then golfing back home, flight and hotel included.

KK is renown for it's coast line which faces the South China Sea. The views are truly spectacular, with turquoise blue water and beautiful sunsets.

The water here is so beautiful, you wish you could drink it !


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