Kuching - Sunday Market

One of the most interesting places to visit in Kuching is the Sunday Market. The Market is only set up from Saturday afternoons to Sunday noon. It is located at the backstreets of Satok Road.

The Sunday Market is like a Farmers Market. Here, traders, wholesalers and farmers gather to sell their produce. You can get anything from meat, fish, vegetables to clothing, houseware and even decorative plants. 

The market is quite big and takes a while to move through. Good thing is it's divided into sections, so if you know what you want you can just go to the right section. As it is usually quite packed, it can be a bit of a squeeze to navigate through all the stalls. Beware of pick-pockets when you go.

Besides the common products, you will usually come accross something strange and unfamiliar. It is these unsual discoveries which make the Sunday Market so fascinating.


Robin Easton said…
These photos here of all the tomatoes and other vegetables laid out are like artwork. They are gorgeous. We hardly ever see this in the USA except for local farmer's markets, because most food is in giant supermarkets and not as attractive. And the food in these picture all looks so healthy. I am also impressed with the WAY the owners have laid it out so beautifully. I would love to photograph something like this. Lucky you!! Excellent photos.
This looks like a great marketplace to get some fresh veggies!!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Robin & IE Review. Yes, Sunday Market is great. The owners take pride in their produce, and take the trouble to lay them out in the most attractive way. It's a great place for photographers.

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