Kuching Food Festival 2008 - Part 3

The choice of food is really quite good. It is definitely not possible to sample everything in one visit. So - if you are a real food lover, prepare to make a few visits.

This lady is selling 'chah kueh", a popular hawker dish which is actually pan-fried radish cakes with eggs, light soy sauce, pepper and eggs. A very simple yet delicious dish.

One of the many stalls selling Taiwanese sausages.

This guy is selling some kind of Japanese pan cake.

Deep-fried heaven !

More Taiwanese sausages. They come in pork or chicken, with various flavoures like black pepper, spicy or original. The texture is very similar to European sausages, but the meat is slightly cured, and the taste is usually a bit sweet.


CK-II said…
The Japanese pancake is called okonomiyaki. :)
Borneoboy said…
Hi Bro. I tried it. It was quite good. Don't know whether it's like the real Japanese version though !
CK-II said…
Hey Bro, I have tried the okonomiyaki in Japan several times. The one I had in Hiroshima was very good. I have tried it at the shop near the Uni too, which I have to D.I.Y. on the hot plate but of course the mix is made ready for me. Quite nice too. Tomoe at Jalan Mendu has very nice okonomiyaki or normally called Japanese pizza too, though thinner than those in Japan. They do use the boneto fish flakes like what I had in Japan.

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