Kuching Food Festival 2008 - Part 1

The Kuching Festival is held every year in the month of August. When it first started 20 years ago, it was to celebrate Kuching’s official recognition as a city. It the early days, the Festival was a lot more interesting. There were street parades, concerts, stage drama productions, and of course the food festival. Over the years, what has remained is the Street Parade, and the Food Festival. Can't help it, Kuchingites love anything to do with food !The Kuching Food Festival is held over the whole month of August. The original idea was to bring all the best hawkers and food outlets together in one place, so Kuchingites and visitors alike can sample the best that Kuching has to offer. As it has grown in size over the years, it has become a lot more inclusive. Nowadays you have to be very selective to pick out the better stalls.

Judging from what I saw at the Festival, people in Kuching must love Thai food and Taiwanese sausages. I counted no less then 5 stalls selling Thai food, and many more stalls selling Taiwanese sausages. There were also lots of deep-fried temptations. If you are looking for a heart-healthy meal, this may not be the best place !

I must say the Taiwanese sausages are really tasty, and the Thai food also not too bad. Besides these you will also find laksa, chah kueh (pan fried radish cakes), oh chien (Chinese oyster omelets), sio bee (Chinese Siu Mai – Kuching version), sio pao (roast pork pies), chee chiong fun, and lots more.


onno david said…
Pesta Meow 2008 and Kuching Festival 2008, I always thought they were the same thing...and i nearly thought this was a double thread for the same event.

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