Siem Reap - Architecture Gems

On this trip we discovered some architecture gems in the most unlikely of places. We were basically driving around town, and stopping when we saw something interesting. It drove the driver nuts !

The Siem Reap Children's Hospital is an extension to an existing hospital complex. Done in the Modernist Style, it is definitely in the Le Corbusier mould. I suspect it was designed by a French Architect. The main facade along the road is deceptively simple, and features an unusual use of bamboo as a screening device. Inside it gets more interesting, with some Corbusian touches of raw bricks and concrete and bold composition of architectural elements. Definitely woth a visit if you are in Siem Reap.

The FCC Angkor is a small boutique hotel renovated from an old French Governor's mansion. There is a two storey main building which houses some shops and the coffee house on the top. The rooms wrapped around a central courtyard where you will find the beautiful pool. It is a beautiful oasis amidst the heat in Siem Reap.

Hotel De La Paix is located on the only main street in Siem Reap. It is a luxury hotel done entirely in Art Deco style. Design by the Bensley Design Studio, the interior spaces and landscaping are exquisite. For those who like to travel in style, this is definitely the place to stay in Siem Reap. The restaurant serves high end Khmer food, and the cafe provides a respite for those craving a cuppa and good pastries & sandwiches.


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