Kuching - Old Town

The most interesting part of Kuching is the old town, which consists of a few streets. Unlike Hanoi, where the Old Quarters is huge, Kuching's old town is small and compact. 

You have already seen Main Bazaar, one of the oldest streets in Kuching. Continuing on from Main Bazaar, past the Old Court House, is Gambier Street. Gambier Street is also near the waterfront. Just next to the waterfront is the Kuching Central Market. This used to be where most people in Kuching shop for their weekly supplies. The market has been moved to a new location, but Gambier Street is still bustling with activities.

There are a number of Indian Muslim shops on Gambier Street selling spices and Muslim produce. This is an interesting place to catch the sights and smell of old Kuching.

The shops along Gambier Street.

Behind Gambier Street is India Street. India Street got it's name from the many Indian traders who made this their economic base in old Kuching. Even today, India Street is still populated with many Indian shops selling fabric and clothing. During festive seasons, especially the Muslim New Year Hari Raya, the middle of the street will be filled with stalls selling all kinds of festive goodies for the celebrations. As you can see from the photos, it was converted into a mall a few years back.

One of the many clothing stores in India Street.

This is a houseware shop where you can buy almost anything you need for the house.

Walking back past the Old Courthouse, you will reach Carpenter Street which is just behind Main Bazaar. This used to be the furniture hub of Kuching, and there are still many furniture shops here. As this was once the economic centre of Kuching, there were and still are many pawn shops and jewellry stores around. Slowly, the cafes and lodging houses are also making a foothold here.


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