Siem Reap - Hotels & Resorts 2

There are many boutique hotels and resorts in Siem Reap, the choice is endless. You need do your research to find the gems. Most of them are in very convenient locations, due to the relatively compact size of the town.

La Residence D'Angkor is part of the Orient Express luxury hotel chain. While we visited it was closed for renovations. It is a small and intimate boutique resort in a walled garden. The rooms are arranged in 2-strey blocks around a central swimming pool. External walls are finished in mostly teak wood, giving it a very tropical feel overall. Check out their internet offers. There are some nice packages.

Another nice boutique resort we visited was Angkor Village Resort. It was also under renovation, and is a very Balinese style resort. All the rooms are arranged around a landscaped pond which covers almost the entire resort. Very nice !

One interesting feature of this resort is that the walkways both on the ground and upper floor are connected - you can actually walk all the way from one corner to the other around the rooms. Privacy may be an issue, but you get to enjoy great views from every angle.


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