Siem Reap - Food 1

Siem Reap is not yet a food haven, but with the number of tourists going there, it will get there soon enough. The street food here is mainly noodle soup and fried noodles, with the more exotic stuff like deep fried insects for the more adventurous. Hygienic conditions are not the best, so it is best to avoid raw food on the streets.

We joined a tour, so most of the meals are provided. These are mainly pseudo-Chinese food, nothing to get excited about. The breakfast at our hotel was really good though, theres lots of bacon and sausages, fresh fruits - and they even do a fantastic noodle soup !

Most of the local dishes we tried are quite similar to Thai food. The following are some of the highlights during our trip.

This is the Noodle Soup served at our hotel during breakfast. You can pick and choose your own ingredients - different types of noodles, pork balls, fish balls, chicken, vegetables, etc. The soup base is fish stock, with a sweet taste of the sea. It is really delicious.

This is a vegetable curry. It is quite similar to Sayur Lodeh - the Indonesian version, except this is a lot more soupy and not as spicy. Quite tasty.

This next dish would be familiar to anyone who likes Thai food. Its chicken stir fried with basil. Not that different from the Thai version, but this one has a lot more ginger in it.

This is dried beef which has been deep-fried and served with pickled vegetable. It is quite beefy and chewy - good for a snack.

Another item which seems to be quite common here is deep-fried pork. This one is served with sausages. Taste very similar to what we get back in Malaysia.

This is a hot and sour soup - kind of like the Thai Tom Yam, but quite mild and subtle. Another dish which I like a lot. It has chicken, chili and oyster mushrooms which seem to be quite abundant in Siem Reap.


Faisal Admar said…
great foods. but poor thing they are not halal :(
Borneoboy said…
Hi Faisal. Don't despair. Some of the food is halal.

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