Kuching - Historic Buildings

Due to it's White Rajah and Colonial heritage, Kuching has a number of notable historic buildings which are well worth a visit.

One of the most prominent is the Astana - the private residence of the second White Rajah - Rajah Charles Brooke. It was built as a bridal gift to his wife Ranee Margaret. Today this is the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak. Unfortunately it is usually not open to the public, except during Hari Raya open house. 

The Sarawak Museum is another building built by Rajah Charles Brooke. The Museum is widely recognised as one of the most important in South East Asia. It has a great Ethnography Collection, as well as a wide Chinese Ceramics Collection - especially jars.

The Square Tower is located right opposite the Old Court House. It served as a sentry post at the strategic river bend of Sungai Sarawak. 

This building is called The Pavilion. It was originally a hospital. Now it has been converted into a Textile Museum.

The Kuching General Post Office was completed under the third White Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke. It was designed in the Neo-Classical Style favoured by the British Colonials. Today it still functions as the GPO of Kuching.

The Tua Pek Kong Temple sits prominently at the Eastern end of Main Bazaar. It is one of the oldest Chinese Temples in Kuching, believed to have been built by Chinese migrants from Kalimantan, Indonesia. This temple is highly revered by devotees, who believe that the deity is very powerful in answering to prayers.

If you have the time, it is worth going on a self-guided tour around the Kuching Old Town. Just get the "Kuching Heritage Trail Booklet - The Brooke Legacy" available at most local bookshops. It costs just RM 3.00, and is produced by the Sarawak Heritage Society together with the Malaysian Institute of Architects Sarawak Chapter. I must acknowledge that some of the information above came from the booklet.

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i read on the news today that the old hawker stalls along india street which was recently moved to Stutong will be turned into an esplanade..
Borneoboy said…
Ya. A part of the history of Kuching is now gone forever. Hopefully the new waterfront would recapture some of that old magic.
but that place is already jam packed with cars!..for all i know, it's going to be another place for youngsters to lepak in the future!

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