Kuching Food Festival 2008 - Part 4

This is another one of the popular Thai stalls. The green papaya salad is quite good.

Some of the Thai goodies on sale.

Deep-fried"Prawn Pizza" - actually prawns in batter which is normally eaten with a sweet chili sauce.

The famous Kuching "sio pau" - roast pork pies. These are great as a morning or afternoon snack.

These are "hum chee peng" - a popular deep-fried snack made from flour, cinnamon powder and sugar.

The "oh chien" or oyster omelet being made to order.


This all looks yummy! I love food festivals and always eat way way too much!
Borneoboy said…
Hi Maryam. I'm sure you will like the "hum chee peng". It's kind of like a donut, scented with cinnamon.
omg..oyster omelette! i did chicken omelette before (myeh, i know it's common) hehehe..anyway, the food looks super extra delicious..oh, you're making me hungry...
Riri said…
OH MANNNN...the sio pao must've been hidden DEEP DEEP DEEP inside food fest! I COULDN'T FIND IT!! TOT!!!
Borneoboy said…
Hi riri. The Sio pao are at the Taiwanese Stall next to the Korean Stall. They are at the midddle. Should be quite easy to find.

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