Malacca 2011 - The Philea Resort and Spa

The conference was held at the newly opened Philea Resort and Spa. Located at Ayer Keroh which is outside Malacca town, it takes around 20 min by car to go to the town centre. The location is not very convenient, as taxis are not easy to come by and they tend to charge a bomb for the trip. The resort currently has no shuttle bus service, so you are on your own.

The developer of the resort must be quite a character. The chalets are all log cabins constructed with pine logs transported all the way from Russia. The lobby building is a three-storey open structure also constructed with pine log columns and trusses. Clad with frameless glass – it looks pretty impressive and unique. The whole resort must have cost a fortune to develop.

The reception building.

The swimming pool.

The log cabins.

Inside the cabins.

Although touted as an eco-friendly resort, I wonder how sustainable it actually is as pine logs are pretty soft wood and probably doesn’t stand up to the tropical climate very well – unless treated with lots of chemicals. The log cabins also look kind of strange in a tropical setting – I was hoping the temperature would suddenly drop and snow would start to fall. That would have been something !


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