Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Dinner at The Market Hall

The brains behind The Market Hall are the same people who run the successful chain of casual cafes - The Apartment. They also run Italiannies and TGIF. The Market Hall is their latest venture located on Level 6 at The Pavilion, and is right next door to a pub called Bedroom - also part of their empire.

The main idea behind The Market Place is “from the farm to the table”. They source the freshest local produce and bring them straight from the farms to the diners in the restaurant. Even the beef is locally sourced.

I can never resist ordering duck confit salad if I see it on the menu. Ever since I had it at Delicious many years ago, I’ve been hooked on this dish. It can be so good when done right. Their version here was unfortunately not as good as Delicious or even Ben’s. Trying to create a more Asian version of the salad, the chef’s had left the flavours too mild and there wasn’t enough acidity to balance the richness of the duck. The ingredients were however very fresh.

I decided to order their Venetian Steak which is a large T-Bone cooked medium rare. It looked big, but was cut a bit too thin and didn’t not have the usual indulgence factor associated with a large T-Bone steak. The meat was tender but not very flavourful. They were a bit stingy with the sauce, as a bit more sauce would have helped to compensate for the lack of robust flavour of the meat.

The design of the Market Hall is typical industrial chic - epoxy flooring, rustic wooden tables and mostly bare ceiling. It looks stylish and yet cosy - not a bad place for a casual dinner. The concept of offering the freshest ingredients and cooking them very simply is a good one - but they need to be more careful with their sourcing to ensure good flavours. I hope to go back and try their other dishes which hopefully would be better then this first experience.


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