Malacca 2011 - Courtyard Hotel at Heeren Street

While walking around Heeren Street I came across this small boutique hotel. From the outside it looks unassuming, but once you step inside it’s like entering another world. The old furnishing and antique furniture are quite impressive. The rooms are at the back or upstairs, and courtyards bring natural light into the corridors. This is a charming and well-designed hotel I wouldn’t mind staying in.

The impressive interiors.

The internal courtyards.

Like Penang, Malacca has no lack of small boutique hotels which are more interesting places to stay then the run-of-the-mill branded properties. Spend some time looking around and you may discover some hidden gems.


rider said…
I had seen the pictures of the hotel and it is a nice one . the hotel look like a royal and I will get a chance than i will sty at this hotel .

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