Malacca 2011 - Dessert at Jonker 88

All that walking around can get you tired, and thankfully there are lots of nice cafes and coffee shops to stop for a break. One of the most popular pit stops on Jonker Walk is Jonker 88. It is a coffee shop selling light snacks and icy desserts that is full of character. Once you get inside you will know what I mean.

You order what you want at the stalls out front and bring it to the seating areas at the back.

The shophouses is very deep, and there are several seating sections for you to choose from. I would go right to the back where there is a lightwell which brings in natural light. The furnitures are old and slightly tatty – but that adds to the character and charm of the place.

Lots of interesting memorabilia adorn the walls.


What a cool blog! The pictures make me feel like I'm traveling along with you. :)
Borneoboy said…
Thanks Tori. You've got a cool blog too !

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