Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Lunch at Al Amar Express

Al Amar at The Pavilion KL is often touted as the best middle-eastern restaurant in KL. I have never tried it as you normally need a large group to enjoy middle-eastern food. They have started an express version of their restaurant offering lighter fare - Al Amar Express. The outlet is located on Jalan Bukit Bintang - right in front of the relaunched Fahrenheit (Used to be KL Plaza). The great thing about eating here is that you won't get bored waiting for the food, as you can people-watch to your heart's content - this is one of the busiest patch of pavement in KL.

They are very generous with their pita bread. Every table gets a whole pile.

The menu is a more concise version of their restaurant fare. I decided to go for the set lunch which came with appetizers and a main course. The appetizer has 3 main items - a hummus (chickpeas dip), a salad, and a selection of pastries. They were all quite good.

The main course was a grilled beef wrap. The beef was tender and flavourful, and the wrap was grilled till crispy outside.

Al Amar Express is a great concept as you can just drop in for a light snack or a more substantial meal. It is fast, convenient, enjoyable and quite affordable by KL standards.


Jimmy said…
Amazing <3 Would definitely love to visit the place. :) Fast enjoyable and affordable are some of my favourite words when it comes to food. :D

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