Kuala Lumpur 2011 - Starhill Shopping Mall

The Starhill Shopping Mall is like a chameleon - always undergoing some kind of transformation. The owner - the YTL Group - is certainly rich enough to be able to carry on with this experimentation. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. The food hall at the basement - the Feast Village, was a great success and still is one of the more interesting F&B concepts in KL. The rest of the shopping centre is perhaps too posh for a majority of Malaysians.

The lastest incarnation of Starhill is also the most interesting architecturally. What was once the outdoor bar at the front entrance has been replaced by a prismatic sculpture which also houses the flagship store of Sephora - one of 2 in KL. The rest of the podium is also being redone with this same skin. Hopefully they will do something to the Marriot Hotel Tower which looks quite dated by now.

The outdoor bar at the main entrance is now replaced by this ultra-modern building.


another shopping place to visit and burn money :)

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