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Kuching has been having a hotel boom for the last couple of years. After many years of inactivity, suddenly we have a deluge of new hotels in town - from budget backpacker inns to no-frills hotels, to new 5-star establishments like The Pullman. Rumour has it that it was supposed to be a Novotel, but a business rival had opened up a Sheraton Four Points so the hotel was upgraded to a Pullman from the same stable as the Novotel group. I am delighted to have so many new hotels in town for it means more choices for tourists, and for locals like me - more dining options.

What The Pullman has over all the other hotels in town is a huge lobby - and I mean HUGE ! You could probably fit a jumbo jet in there. The design is modern and minimalist, and I feel a bit lacking in character. Still it is a classy property which should make a lot of visitors to Kuching very happy. The hotel also has 2 levels of shopping podium underneath. It has a Times Bookshop - a god-sent, and also a Body Shop.

The huge lobby. All the hotel facilities are here - cafe, bar lounge, restaurants.

The all-day-dining cafe called The Puzzle. A curious name probably inspired by the floor pattern. I will be checking it out in my next post.

Rates at The Pullman are decidedly 5-star - rooms start from around RM 250 per night. Still these are probably some of the best hotel deals in Asia.


wow ! the only decent hotel was Hilton when I was there haha
Borneoboy said…
Yes 3HT. Now there are a lot more choices like Pullman and Sheraton Four Points. There are a few more coming up.
I like all the natural lighting. Good for photography ;-)

Do you think Kuching needs more 5-star hotel rooms?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate & Annie. I think we probably have enough 5 stars already. But we need more interesting boutique hotels. I will be posting on a very nice one in Kuching soon.
Nice post. This post provided very useful and important information.
Philip said…
So be safe on your travels, keep everything important close to you.

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