Eating in Kuching - Dinner at The Pullman Hotel

When The Pullman Hotel opened in Kuching, I was naturally very excited. It means another new place to try out - and we couldn't wait. We were there the week after they opened in November 09.

The all-day-dining cafe at The Pullman is called The Puzzle. I think it is named after the pattern on the floor tiles. Located at the lobby level, the cafe is not that big compared to the gigantic lobby. It could still fit in over a 100 people easily. As with most modern hotel cafes, it has an open kitchen, and the buffet stations are the centre piece of the entire set-up. The design follows the quite typical pattern of modern clean-lines and neutral colours.

If you were to judge the food on appearance, it was quite impressive. However taste-wise most of the items were a bit lacking in flavours and execution. I think the kitchen was still working out the kinks, and most of the staff looked a bit inexperienced. The best item was surprisingly the chicken rice. The rice was fluffy and very tasty, and the chicken perfectly cooked. My 5 year old son is quite the expert when it comes to chicken rice, and he had 2 full plates of the stuff ! Their chicken broth was also excellent.

The appetizer and salad section.

Main dishes. Nothing special.

The fish and seafood were sadly not very fresh - they had been sitting out in the open for too long.

The open kitchen where you can get roast lamb, satays and the delicious chicken rice.

The dessert section was not so impressive.

At RM 69++, the buffet pricing is comparable to most 4 and 5 star hotels in Kuching. However they need to elevate the food quality to compete with the more established hotels in town.


it is a shame the food is not all that exciting. Very expensive chicken rice experience?
Kong-Kay said…
i always stay clear of buffet at that price, even when it was RM39++ once upon a time. can't eat that much worth of food to make it worthwhile, unless it's shashimi, the works.
Borneoboy said…
3HT. The place is still new I guess. You are right about the "expensive chicken rice". It was pretty good though.

Mike. I am still a sucker for buffet, but quality is important. One of the best buffet experience is Shangrila KL. Amazing variety, and great food quality.
You should have told me about your trip to chiangmai, my best friend living in Bkk has been there for a week and she is leaving tmr morning :(
I have given you an award, you have to pick it up :)
Amyee said…
Hi there
We just stayed at Pullman in Dec and I am still finding the staff inexperienced and distant. The hotel is absolutely impeccably clean and comfortable though!

If you don't mind I am linking your blog to one of my entries so that I can direct my readers to your photos (I didn't take that many photos when there)...

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