Eating in Kuching - Sanga Japanese Restaurant

One of our family's favourite Japanese restaurants is Sanga, which is located at Chan Chin Ann Road right in Kuching town centre. It is more of a casual family restaurant, and the decor is simple and basic. Evidently part of a chain with other outlets in Kuala Lumpur, the motto here is serving unpretentious Japanese food at reasonable prices.

One of the main reasons we come here is the Garlic Rice. It comes as a part of many of the set meals. It is simply delicious and we usually end up ordering seconds.

Being a bit out of the beaten pave, shashimi is not a strong suite for Japanese restaurants in Kuching. We usually try to avoid them. The sushi is however quite nice.

Breaded Chicken Chop for the kids.

The Teriyaki Chicken is a favourite of the mrs. The potato salad on the side is always good.

I had the Salmon Okonomiyaki which was very good - packed full of flavours as you can see in the picture. It was also perfectly cooked.

Deep fried salmon skin made a tasty snack. It's also good to see that nothing is wasted.

Sanga is great for affordable and tasty Japanese food. However if you are going for ambiance, you need to look else where.


Just went there tonight. Was okay. I like the decor.

Food-wise, nothing to shout about. The udon was terrible. The tempura was good, especially the crispy batter. My unagi okonomiyaki was undercooked and still tasted a bit like flour-y batter

The salmon nigiri sushi was all right but not at peak of freshness (this was a Wednesday night, so not sure if the new stock had come in) but the "salmon love" rolls were sadly lacking.

Overall we felt the prices matched the food quality. But for Japanese, we'd probably be better off at Ten Ichi or Minoru.

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