Eating in Kuching - Asian Recipe at Premier 101

Another family favourite for a simple weekday dinner is this little place at Premier 101 - one of the most popular cluster of shophouses in Kuching at the moment. Simply called Asian Recipe, this place serves mainly Thai influenced dishes like Thai curries, salads, fish cakes and fried noodles. The decor is simple and modern, like many of the new food outlets in town. The small dining area could probably accommodate around 30 to 40 people.

We always order the Prawn Cakes which has a sweet and intense prawn flavour as it's made almost entirely of prawn meat instead of being bulked up with fillers. Breaded and deep fried, it tastes really good with a chili dip.

Another good bet is the Stir-fried Chicken with Basil Set. It comes with a green mango salad and tom yam soup on the side. Really a meal by itself.

The Green Curry - not bad but a bit watery and not as intense in flavour as it should be.

Stir-fried Tang Hung (vermicelli). A bit too oily to my taste.

Deep fried spring rolls. The filling is tang hung and mushrooms. Tasty.

Deep fried and braised Japanese tofu with leeks. More for the kids.

Like Sanga, Asian Recipe is a casual restaurant good for a simple family meal or quick lunch. The food is reasonable and affordable, and if you like Thai flavours this is a good choice.


Nice prawn fritters!

Always on the lookout for good Thai food. Where is the chef from? Do they serve mieng kham?
Borneoboy said…
Hi Nate and Annie. Unfortunately they don't have miang kham. The Thai dishes are generally quite good, but don't expect top quality and flavours. It is more of a casual dining place.

The prawn fritters were really good in the early days of the restaurant. Lately we find that the taste and texture has dropped a bit. Still some of the best you'll have in Kuching.
Oh your post coincide with my first post of the year :)
looks good!
The prawn cakes and the fried spring rolls look amazing!
yummmmmmmmmmmmyyy looooooks amezing
insha allah i will try these recipe soon thanx alot share with us greaaat recipes

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