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It has taken a long time, but Kuching is finally coming up to speed on developing interesting alternatives to standard hotel accommodation. You've seen Basaga Residences in my previous post, now I am introducing another nicely done boutique hotel which is located right along Main Bazaar - one of the oldest streets in Kuching. The location can't be beat - it is right in the historical part of town - close to India Street, Gambier Street, the Kuching Old Courthouse, etc. It also faces the Kuching Waterfront - a 1 km stretch of beautiful riverside promenade which is great for an evening walk. There are also some of the best eating places in Kuching dotted around here, so you wouldn't have any problem satisfying your food cravings.

The Kuching Waterfront Lodge is more of a B&B then a hotel. It has shared male and female dormitories, and also private rooms with attached bathrooms. Converted from an old shophouse, the front facade has been completed remodeled - but it is good to see that they have retained much of the character of the shophouse inside. There is an open courtyard right in the middle, and the overall ambiance is not lacking in old world charm.

Due to the shophouse location, some of the rooms do not have windows. The rooms are a bit small and basic in terms of decoration - but nevertheless clean and comfortable. For the price they are charging, this is very good value.

The lobby occupies the entire front section of the shoplot. Antique decor and terra cotta tiles give it an old world charm.

A front balcony looks into the Kuching Waterfront.

The Kuching Waterfront Lodge is the type of accommodation I like - full of character, nicely located, reasonably priced and run by friendly people. If you don't need 4 or 5 star hotel luxury, this could be the place for you. Check out their web site here - Kuching Waterfront Lodge.


Oh finally someone has turned the wonderful shop house into such charming alternative to the 5 stat hotels!
Borneoboy said…
Yes. Kuching is finally "growing up" as far as tourism is concerned.
I like the nice touches with the antique furniture.

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