Eating in Kuching - Noodles and Pork Offal Soup at Bishop's Gate

From appearances alone, you probably won't give this place a second look. Some people may even be put off by the basic and somewhat tatty ambiance. However in this case I would have to advise you to not judge the book by the cover. For this place is to me the best noodle shop in Kuching - Kuching's own Noodle Heaven.

Kuching people have been making their Noodle Pilgrimage to the place since as far as I can remember. It is notorious for it's rude service and long waits. You have to wait for your turn to order, and then wait again for the noodles to arrive. Trying to rush the order would only result in a scolding and a grumpy face. The wait can be as long as an hour on a busy day - minimum wait is half an hour. In a stuffy and tatty coffee shop this is not always a pleasant experience - so be warned. When the noodles and soup arrive though, all the wait is worth it.

You may ask what is so special about the noodles here. Noodles are really very simple things, and the secret is in the execution. Here the noodles are cooked just right - retaining the crucial "al dente" texture which the Chinese call "Q". The right amount of seasoning, the right amount of oil and pork lard, and a dash of vinegar, and topped with some deep fried shallots - and you have a perfect bowl of noodles.

Its not just the noodles here of course. There's also the essential pork offal soup everyone orders to accompany the noodles. The soup has a clear broth which retains all the sweetness of pork without the gaminess of offals. All the ingredients have been expertly prepared and cooked to the right texture. Together with some salted vegetables and dried seaweed buried under the other ingredients, the layering of tastes as you slowly work through the soup is incredibly satisfying.

The all-important ingredients - egg noodles, plenty of oil and pork lard, and a well-seasoned soup base.

This lady has been making the noodles for probably over 20 years. The brother-in-law helps to put in the ingredients and the finishing touch.

The delicious noodles and pork offal soup.

The coffee shop is located at the corner of Carpenter Street and Bishop's Gate Street. Just ask any one for "Bishop's Gate Noodle Place" and they will be able to point you to the right place.


i am ready to come visit n be fat again, have seen mei sing?
Borneoboy said…
Hi 3HT. Haven't seen her lately. Should get in touch. When you come back we will have a feast !

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